Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Is Thermal Technology Services

Thermal Technology Serivces provides an advance technological solution to the problem of metal fatique. (brakes) This patented technology has an infinite range of application, but none more important than fleet maintenance by state county and municipal governments.

Thermal Technology Services can help government maintain the necessary level of service, (brakes) while greatly reducing maintance cost.

The benefits are 2 to 4 times improvement in your brakes life. At least 50% cost savings and requires only a 'one time' treatment.

Our goverment fleet vehicles are an important part of everyday living and performace is everything. Law Enforcement, Fire Department Vehicles, Tractor-Trailers, School Bus Transportation, Mass Transit Authorities, Sanitation andUS Postal Services is just the beginning for government savings and safety.

The clients of Thermal Technology Services have reported a 50% savings in their brakes and rotor cost by using the process of thermal Cycling. On an average these vehicles see a three time life increase with better stopping and performance.

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What Is Thermal Cycling

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thermal Cycling Process

Each family of materials has a specific series of temperature range that cause the greatest amount of restructuring a the molecular and atomic level.

When materials are put through these temperature swings stresses are reduced, tensile and yield increase, natural frequencies can be changed and surface bonding is increased.

Thermal Technolgy Services has discovered the ranges for materials that continually cause the structural activity to be at its maximum movement, until the entire component has the benefits of the process.

The Sarasata Florida School District have tested Thermal Technology treated brake drums and pads on several of the school buses. Result have been highly impressive and they have expericed much longer life time in both. After 14,000 miles they only saw a 2% wear on the drums. Naturally they have decided to change over to thermally treated brake parts on all of their buses as the cost savings are remarkable. They enjoy being green as parts last longer and there is less waste.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thermal Technology and Your Brakes

Thermal Technology is the answer to the stress of failed brakes. Brakes fail as a result of severe residual stresses that occur during the manufacturing process.

These imperfections cause brake parts to dissipate heat unevenly leading to excessive wear and warpage.

Thermal Technology has developed a patented thermal process which removes these areas of stress and balances the entire sub-structure within the body of the brake.

The process realigns the molecules, thus creating a better metallurgical part. This enables evenly dissipated heat during operation, enabling it to cool faster, reduce fatique, cracking and warping of treated brake rotors, drums, pads and shoes. Less heat means longer part life and better braking behavior...

Thermal Technology